The CH339 is a spacious solid wooden table. It resembles the CH338 but CH339 is the largest of the all-wood ellipse tables making it well suited for larger dining areas or conference rooms. The adapted ellipse has no annoying corners, so the table provides excellent seating for all. The table measures 115 x 240 cm and accommodates a maximum of four insert leaves and three support legs in wood. It is also available with extension for two insert leaves. The series also includes; CH337 115 x 140 cm (max. 2 extension leafs) and CH338 115 x 200 cm with either 2 or 4 extension leaves. An insert leaf measures 115 x 60 cm and has to be ordered separately. The extension leaves are available in either wood or grey or black MDF. It is advisable to order the leaves together with the table to avoid variation in colour.

Laminate or Solid Oak. Legs in Stainless Steel.

Dimensions (mm)
W600 x L1150 or 2400 x H720

Design by Hans J. Wegner



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