This rustic-meets-modern take on the old farmhouse favorite would even make your grandma feel nostalgic. BuzziMilk is a sturdy little stool inspired by elements not usually found in a standard office space. Its goal? Create a warm and homey feeling at work. BuzziMilk has four legs and an upholstered seat for a softer experience. Select from a variety of wood finishes and make it your own by pairing with one of our many BuzziSpace fabrics. Whether you choose a bold pop of color (red, yellow, green, white and blue) or a natural neutral, it is designed to stand on its own or match the BuzziPicNic table. Looking for a pure wood stool? BuzziMilk Stool Allwood is pure simplicity and strong design.

Frame Wood

Dimensions (mm)
Low Stool: Ø390 x H475
Medium Stool: Ø390 x H680
Bar Stool: Ø390 x H7870
Bench: W390 x L1190 x H480

Design by Alain Gilles