KK47000 Safari Chair

Kaare Klint´s Safari chair is one of the world’s first ‘build-it-yourself’ piece of furniture. It is shipped dissembled in a small card board box and can easily be assemble and disassembled without using any tools. The flexible construction of the chair means it adapts to both the floor it is placed on as well as the person sitting in it. The simple `knock down’ construction of the Safari chair also means it is possible to acquire spare-parts for the chair, should they break. It is possible to replace leg-straps, arm-straps, bars, back-bars, bolts, covers and cushion. The Safari chair has a matching foot stool which is made after the exact same simple principle. It comes in the same finishes as the Safari chair.

The Safari chair is made in oil treated ash – either light or smoked. Covers are made in natural canvas (100% linen) or in leather in selected colours. Arm-straps can be ordered in natural saddle leather or as sewn armrest in leather matching the leather on seat and back. The cushion for the seat is made with or without buttons.

Dimensions (mm)
W570 x H800 x 570
Seat height: 340

Design by Kaare Klint



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