AB001 Rocking Nest

An innovative and mutually rewarding partnership between the young, innovative designer Anker Bak and Carl Hansen & Søn has resulted in an elegant and modern reinterpretation of the traditional rocking chair. The Rocking Nest Chair, AB001, combines wood, leather, canvas and steel in a light and refined design which makes the rocking chair appear to almost float. Anker Bak employs proud craftsmanship traditions, archetypal shapes and natural, high-quality materials in his design work. The Rocking Nest Chair was actually created with Anker Bak’s sister in mind. She needed a comfortable and functional piece of furniture in which to relax with her newborn baby – the chair is thus a good example of the designer’s ractical et emotional approach to the design process. Anker Bak has designed the Rocking Nest Chair to suit modern lifestyles and modern homes where the space is not always suitable for large and heavy items of furniture. Without compromising on comfort, the Rocking Nest Chair can, thanks to its ingenious design, be simply folded and put away when not in use.

The Rocking Nest Chair is available as a combination of canvas on the outside and leather on the inner side, or with canvas on both sides. The frame is available in oak or walnut, which can be combined with stainless steel or black or white powder-coated steel. Classic flag halyard holds the upholstery in place.

Dimensions (mm)
W620 x H810 x D780
Seat Height: 450

Design by Thomas Bo Kastholm