CH24 Wishbone

An excellent example of Hans J. Wegner’s constant strive towards achieving organic simplicity, comfort and stability in his designs. The last of a series of chairs Hans J. Wegner designed with great inspiration from ancient Chinese armchairs. The characteristic “Y” provides comfortable back support and stability to the steam-bent top, and also inspires the chair’s names, “The YChair” or “The Wishbone Chair”. The gently rounded top, the light Y-construction and the hand woven paper cord seat offers a variety of comfortable seating positions making the CH24 ideal as a dining and lounge chair. The CH24 is both a very stable and also very light chair making it easy to move around the room enabling great flexibility. It takes a skilled craftsman about 1 hour to weave the seat with approximately 120 m of paper cord. The impressive durability of the paper cord makes the chair strong and long-lasting. It takes more than 100 manual operations to manufacture each CH24. It is made from solid hardwood and paper cord.

Solid hardwood and paper cord.

Dimensions (mm)
W550 x H750 x D510
Seat Height: 450

Design by Hans J. Wegner