KK87830 Propeller Stool

Although initially too complex to put into production, the 1930 Propeller design quickly attracted attention and was featured as a concept in several design books. A prototype was created in 1956 for the major memorial exhibition for Kaare Klint at the Danish Museum of Art and Design, and the design went into production in 1962, eight years after Klint’s death. The idea of a folding stool was certainly not new; the concept existed as early as the Bronze Age. Klint, however, refined and optimized it, adding the innovative propeller element. The stool is produced using wood with long, strong fibers that help support the slim, sophisticated construction. An optional Propeller Tray transforms the stool into a low table.

The Addition Sofa without back is trimmed with piping to ensure beautiful, clean seams around the seat. The leather pleats create rhomboid panels that are held in place with leather-covered buttons and open up when pressure is applied to the sofa to keep the leather from overstretching. The frame is produced in solid wood and the seat is upholstered with leather.

Dimensions (mm)
W490 x L540 x H450

Design by Kaare Klint