KK48651 Addition Sofa

Kaare Klint designed the Addition Sofa in 1933, originally inspired by a French rococo sofa. Klint wished to simplify it by designing a sofa with easily moveable sections that could be placed together as desired. The first variant was created in the early 1930s for the influential New Carlsberg Foundation offices in Copenhagen. Klint went on refining the design, and the sofa quickly earned recognition for its simple construction and advanced upholstery.

The Addition Sofa without back is trimmed with piping to ensure beautiful, clean seams around the seat. The leather pleats create rhomboid panels that are held in place with leather-covered buttons and open up when pressure is applied to the sofa to keep the leather from overstretching. The frame is produced in solid wood and the seat is upholstered with leather.

Dimensions (mm)
W611 x L920 x H370

Design by Kaare Klint



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