Window Coat Hanger

Collection of coat racks and umbrella stands for domestic and contract use.

Inspired by Donald Judd’s minimalist sculptures, the ‘windows’ of the rack are laser cut and carefully designed for the proper care of clothes. The inside is made of black or white polyethylene.
The wall version is widely used in restaurants and places where clothes must be hanged in an elegant manner. The umbrella stand, subtle and discreet, can be placed in the reception area of homes or public spaces.

Calibrated powder coated steel tube in thermo reinforced polyester in black or white micro texturised. Rounded hangers laser cut and carefully designed dimensions for the proper care of the clothes. Polyethylene mousse interior in black or white.

Dimensions (mm)
Base: 300 x 300
Vertical element: 1900mm High

Design by Vincent Van Duysen
Made in Spain



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