BuzziTotem is a completely new family being introduced for specific acoustical performance. The range consist of 3 models – Wedge, Cylinder, Beam and each in 3 sizes. For stability reasons and functional purpose the models are fixed on a black metal baseplate. Thanks to it’s small footprint it is easy to add on in existing fitted rooms with sound issues. BuzziTotem is highly performant for diffusion and absorbing sounds in offices, residential homes and hospitality areas. Thanks to the vast range of fabrics offered BuzziTotem can become a true design feature.

Filling: Foam SG28.3 + Plywood, MDF, Pinewood
Baseplate: powder coated metal Fabrics: Fabric, Rough, Trevira CS+|CS, Revive 1, Revive 2, Terra, Clara 2, Remix 2, Velvet, Hero, Tonus 4, Tonus Meadow, Memory 2, Matrix

Dimensions (mm)
Size variation depending model and composition

Design by BuzziSpace Studio