Large office spaces or residential lofts often echo, which can be distracting or impact productivity. BuzziSpace has developed the BuzziPod, a rectangular sound absorbing panel that can be fixed to the ceiling or walls to dampen sound waves while still offering a chic design.

Core: honeycomb cardboard
Filling: foam CME35H + fabric + zipper Baseplate: powder coated metal
Cover: Fabric, Rough, Trevira CS+|CS, Revive 1, Revive 2, Terra, Clara 2, Remix 2, Hero, Tonus 4, Tonus Meadow, Memory 2

Dimensions (mm)
S: H1200 x W800
M: H1600 x W800
L: H1800 x W1000
XL: H2000 x W1200

Design by BuzziSpace Studio