Fresh mountain air would work wonders on office workers, but sadly bringing all that air into the city to ventilate workspaces would be quite a challenge. However, BuzziSpace has the next best thing. The shape of the BuzziFrio Machu and BuzziFrio Picchu room dividers recalls the rocky mountains of Peru, thus visually transforming an office space into a wide-open landscape. The playful shapes and matching colour tones add that touch of humour to an office that we so very much appreciate at BuzziSpace. Furthermore, BuzziFrio is perfect for dividing up a large space and for regulating acoustics. As BuzziFrio consists of three panels set closely together, it has a large surface area that enables it to effectively regulate sound in a space. BuzziFrio is available in the standard BuzziFabrics and can also be covered with fabrics from selected Kvadrat collections.

Baseplate: powder coated metal
Screen: honeycomb cardboard coverd in BuzziFelt or Fabric
Cover: Felt, Fabric, Rough, Trevira CS+|CS, Revive 1, Revive 2, Terra, Clara 2, Remix 2, Hero, Tonus 4, Tonus Meadow, Memory 2, Matrix.

Dimensions (mm)
Machu: H1800 x W1340 (min) or W1580 (max) x D490
Pichu: H1800 x W1320 (min) or W1600 (max) x D490

Design by BuzziSpace Studio