The Buzzi Cockpit is a tool for personal privacy and wellbeing. It is a small, compact and ergonomically-designed acoustical cocoon. It is a piece you can easily add in any office by setting it up on top of any existing table. By doing so, a quieter and more private area is instantly defined within the space. When using it, one should grab the handles and slightly pull the Buzzi Cockpit closer in order to enhance the acoustic experience. It can easily be moved back to create a larger, more collaborative work area as well. This cocoon can be used as a clever add-on to any office, but would also be very useful in public places such as libraries or hotel lobbies.

Structure: poplar plywood Cover: CME35H foam + layer felt 3 mm| 0.12” covered with fabric Fabrics: Fabric, Terra, Hero, Tonus 4, Tonus Meadow

Dimensions (mm)
Solo: L740 x W830 x H780
Duo: L100 0 x W830 x H780

Design by Alain Gilles