Architextile Bonnet


The Bonnet are part of a full collection of acoustic fabrics, the “architextiles” designed by Liset van der Scheer. They can be purchased as fabric only by linear meter or as mounted panels, available in a large range of sizes, with or without the acoustic foam which increases the acoustic performance. They enjoy an acoustic performance of A and are available with fire treatment on request.

The panels come as:
– standing room dividers
– suspended ceiling room dividers (horizontal or vertical)
– wall panels

100% merino wool
Available in a large range of colors

Dimensions (mm)
600 x 1200      900 x 1200
600 x 1800      900 x 1800
600 x 2400      900 x 2400

The Bonnet line is not available per lineal meter.

Design by Liset Van Der Scheer
Made in Belgium


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