These inventive BuzziFelt ceiling wings are designed to partition a large space acoustically and optically. BuzziWings not only ensure optimum sound quality, you also get a subtly lit room thanks to the integrated, indirect light source. The BuzziWings are attached to the ceiling at a 90° angle; perfect to shape the light and sound to your taste. Available in different BuzziFelt colors.

Core: 10mm foam board with alu profiles metal plate with hinge, MDF
Cover: BuzziFelt

Dimensions (mm)
XS: H500 x W500
S: H1000 x W500
M: H1500 x W500
L: H2000 x W500
XL: H2500 x W500
XXL: H3000 x W500

Design by BuzziSpace Studio and designer duo COUVREUR.DEVOS