There has been a big shift toward working in open-plan offices that have a loft-like feeling of home. While there are many benefits, the challenge is maintaining space to make a phone call or work quietly and independently. Designer Alain Gilles’ solution is the BuzziBooth: a phonebooth made of sound absorbing felt that dampens outside sounds. Now you can have a moment alone even in the noisiest of surroundings. Micro-architecture for maxi spaces!

Structure: Poplar plywood: 18 mm
Cover: Inside: CME35H foam covered with fabric
Outside: layer of felt covered with fabric
Worktop: Oak or Laminate

Dimensions (mm)
Single: H2160 x W1290 x D1200
Side by Side: H2160 x W2400 x D1200
Standing: H2340 x W1290 x D1200
Targa Small: H1200 or 1350 x W1300 x D1150
Targa Medium: H1200 or 1350 x W1370 x D1150
Targa Large: H1200 or 1350 x W2100 x D1150

Design by Alian Gilles