New acoustic fabric by Casalis

Casalis, the fabric specialist from Belgium, launches 3 new lines of 3D fabrics to complete their range of Architextiles. These architextiles are designed to absorb sound in the room and can be used as wall panels, ceiling panels or room dividers.


ONDO by Casalis


Ondo is Casalis’ newest textile collection in Trevira polyester designed by Aleksandra Gaca. Ondo provides visual, tactile and even acoustic experiences as it muffles and absorbs sound. 3D woven Ondo textile combines craft and high-tech elements in a seamless process. Fire-rated, it was created for the contract market and is available in 16 colours.




CELLO by Casalis


Where texture and technique meet. After the success of the Slumber poufs, Aleksandra Gaca designed the 3D textile for Casalis, a sophisticated woven fabric that offers acoustic absorption and is aesthetically pleasing.

An artful combination of matte and gloss, hard and soft, in 9 earthy colortones. Fire-rating on request.





Bonnet (left) and Slumber (right) by Casalis


After the Bonnet and Slumber poufs, Casalis designed the Bonnet and Slumber panels, which can be applied on the wall, ceiling, or room dividers. The Bonnet and Slumber are available in over 40 colors. Fire-rating on request.

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